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Here is a selection of animals, genetic material, and miscellaneous farm items

Commercial animals also available.

Please contact us and we can discuss animals best suited to your needs.

Red Devon cow hide shown is a winter coat hide. In summer the cows are smooth coated.

The above hide measures 2.0m x 1.8m from a young heifer.

A hide needs to be ordered in advance to meet your specific requirements, as we only rarely process a hide from very well looked after cattle.

Price $2000 +P&P


Fertile Eggs

We have brown shaver hens, and two cockerels running with the flock (one black orpington x araucana, one sussex x shaver).

Eggs are $2 each, or $20 per dozen subject to availability.

Please order in advance.

These can only be collected from the farm.

Right: coloured   (cream and browns) lambskin

100cmx56cm across centre

$200 +P&P


Left: lambskin 80cmx59cm. Very soft.

$200 +P&P


Semen from Monte Pahu Charles

NZ$25 + GST per straw
export approved semen
Australia, South America, U.S.A., Canada eligible


Rising One Year Olds

$1800 +GST

Yearling bulls available

From $2500+ GST

Rising two year old bulls

from $2500+ GST

Sourdough Starter

Highly active sourdough starter  from Te Pahu wild yeasts.

$10 + P&P

Minimum of 100g packaged in a sealed zip lock bag, well fed ready for shipping.

Simply add your own flour and water and allow the wild yeasts to grow for you.

Our Red Devons are true to type; we place great emphasis on breeding quality cattle and offer for purchase those animals we would want to buy ourselves.

Our interest is to breed real Red Devons, utilising A.I. to access the genetics of the bulls from the pure original lines. We have no interest in crossbred animals composed of Saler for size, or Angus for the polled gene in our main herd. We do stock some polled animals for that market.

We breed the real Red Devon, for our pleasure, and to do with as you wish.

Not all red cattle are Devons, and not all Devons are like our Devons.

Our focus is quality and performance.

Monte Pahu Chris 178820065

Dam sired by Rotokawa 662

Sire Charles

Will be a well muscled solid bull. well put together, scans well, high IMF.

Good example of breed.

Monte Pahu Noble 178820067

Sire Charles. Solid bull.

Milk +9 which is the top 3% of the NZ herd. He would be perfect for breeding replacement females to grow fat calves from their high milking ability.

Birth weight 36kg

Monte Pahu Bud 178820074 (Polled)

Te Maewa breeding, sire is son of Vix Jurasic (Australia)

Low birth weight EBVs

Monte Pahu Antonio 178820062

Sire Ashott Barton Millennium Falcon (UK)

Very masculine, fine example of breed.

Large eye muscle area.


Two rising two year old stud heifers available.

Available once vetted in calf July 2022.

Herdbook numbers:



We only make available animals we would wish to purchase ourselves.

Weaned Calves

Grow your own pure heritage beef from our weaned calves.

Calves are kept in the main herd with their dams for at least six months for the best start in life.

Rich Devon milk ensures optimum nutrition for the growing calf to lay down the foundation of a superb carcass.

Pictured is a five week old calf and her dam.

Calves will be at least six months old and over 200kg. Most will be 250+kg

Steer calves $850 + GST

Bull calves $1200 + GST

Heifer calves $1000 + GST

How do we know our calves can grow into melt in the mouth, tender beef?

Using ultrasound we can view the carcass quality of our breeding stock, and use the breedplan computer program to predict quality offspring.

Traits such as high eye muscle area (the eye fillet) are of value for prime steak cuts.

Rib fat and rump fat measurements are carcass quality markers and of course the intramuscular fat percentage measurement is a predictor of tenderness and marbling.

All calves offered this spring have higher than breed average predicted carcass quality markers including intramuscular fat.

Grow your own heritage beef.