For Sale

Here is a selection of animals, genetic material, and miscellaneous farm items

Commercial animals also available.

Please contact us and we can discuss animals best suited to your needs.

Red Devon cow hide shown is a winter coat hide. In summer the cows are smooth coated.

The above hide measures 2.0m x 1.8m from a young heifer.

A hide needs to be ordered in advance to meet your specific requirements, as we only rarely process a hide from very well looked after cattle.

Price $2000 +P&P


Fertile Eggs

We have brown shaver hens, and two cockerels running with the flock (one black orpington x araucana, one sussex x shaver).

Eggs are $2 each, or $20 per dozen subject to availability.

Please order in advance.

These can only be collected from the farm.

Right: coloured   (cream and browns) lambskin

100cmx56cm across centre

$200 +P&P


Left: lambskin 80cmx59cm. Very soft.

$200 +P&P


Semen from Monte Pahu Charles

NZ$25 + GST per straw
export approved semen
Australia, South America, U.S.A., Canada eligible
Weaned Heifer Calves

Sold until Spring

In Calf Heifers

Rising two, and two year old in calf heifers available from August once vet scanned in calf.


Rising two year old bulls available in Spring 2021

From $3000+ GST

Sourdough Starter

Highly active sourdough starter  from Te Pahu wild yeasts.

$10 + P&P

Minimum of 100g packaged in a sealed zip lock bag, well fed ready for shipping.

Simply add your own flour and water and allow the wild yeasts to grow for you.

In Calf Cows

Available after vet scanning in August.