Monte Pahu Charles


Classic Red Devon bull.

All qualities associated with this breed i.e. temperament, conformation, weight gain, good size, great rump in one unit.

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Dam pictured at age 11 with her calf.

Still in herd, and in calf once again to one cycle of A.I.

Reliable highly fertile cow - always amongst the first to calve and has held three successful A.I. calves for us.

Good milker - grows and weans exceptional calves.

Lovely temperament; easy, agreeable nature.

Good size.

Sire Cutcombe Jaunty

Iconic Red Devon bull.


Fertile proven bull.

Bred and selected to perform on hills in a fully grass based system.

Rich dark chestnut colour.

Solid rump passed on to offspring.

Deep bodied, easy fleshing and balanced bull.

Quiet and highly agreeable nature.

Fully sheds to a slick summer coat.

Masculine compact neck with tightly curled mane.

Pure pink nose.

Correct gait.

Frame score 4.6

Purebred progeny birth weight average is 35kg

Export quality semen

We have his offspring from pure Red Devon cows and to a pedigree Jersey cow available to view. Both R1 and R2 animals.

Visitors are welcome to tour our farm and to view our cattle, including Charles. We are merely 25 minutes from Hamilton International Airport.

Jersey x Monte Pahu Charles

Purebred Red Devon

Charles x Jersey steer newborn, and same animal at six months old.

Great addition of muscle, depth and stretch.

Average calf birth weight is 35kg over mature cows.