Monte Pahu Charles

Dam DOB 14/09/2008 pictured at age 11 with her calf.

Calved as a first cycle conception once again, her twelfth calf, a bull March 2022.

Reliable highly fertile cow - always amongst the first to calve and has held three successful A.I. calves for us.

Good milker EBV +10 for milk, she grows and weans exceptional calves.

Lovely temperament; easy, agreeable nature.

Good size.

Pedigree traces back to Whitefield herd Est. England 1903, see above.

Sire Cutcombe Jaunty


Fertile proven bull.

Bred and selected to perform on hills in a fully grass based system, see below.

Rich dark chestnut colour.

Solid rump passed on to offspring.

Deep bodied, easy fleshing and balanced bull.

Quiet and highly agreeable nature.

Fully sheds to a slick summer coat.

Masculine compact neck with tightly curled mane.

Pure pink nose.

Correct gait.

Frame score 4.6

Milk EBV +10

Scrotal circumference 44cm (mature)

Weight March 2020 925kg

Purebred progeny birth weight average is 36kg

Export quality semen: U.S.A., South America, Canada, Australia approved

We have his offspring from pure Red Devon cows and to a pedigree Jersey cow available to view. Both R1 and R2 animals.

Visitors are welcome to tour our farm and to view our cattle, including Charles. We are merely 25 minutes from Hamilton International Airport.

Farming Information

Ours is a hill farm, that receives 1600mls rainfall per year.

Temerature min -6*C, max 33*C

The cattle are rotated in set paddocks over the hills year round.

They are not wintered in barns or feedlots.

Our Red Devons are fed only the grass and forage they find for themselves. During the winter we supplement them with summer-cut hay and silage.

We offer additional feed for 2-3 months in the winter and during severe droughts in the summer. We do not feed them additional Palm Kernel Extract (PKE) nor grain.

Although feeding additional supplements would undoubtedly improve the EBV figures on the computer system, we feel our Red Devons are authentic, and our raw data collected on weights, heights, and muscle scanning is of greater true value to our breeding program than augmented results skewed by intensive farming methods.

The cattle are challenged, and that way we can easily select the best true to type Red Devon for the breed’s preservation and improvement.

Dam side : Thorndale Baron 4th - Thorndale Baron - Whitefield Orange 69th.

Fairnington Orange 43rd - Whitefield Orange 88th